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We are a general practice and aggressive law firm who fight hard for our clients. We dedicate the necessary resources to provide the best possible results. As each case is unique, our defense or claim strategy is tailored accordingly. We believe in our clients. As a result, our clients believe in us. With every case, we are fully prepared, our persistence, honesty, and ability prove beneficial to our clients. After thoroughly reviewing documents, facts, witness statements, and evidence, all possible paths are considered. We educate our clients and involve them in their case. We know the stakes are high and as a practical law office, we are direct with our clients about their chances and other options.

HAVE OUR TEAM ON YOUR SIDE FROM THE BEGINNING. There are benefits to having our team on your side from the very beginning. Often, when we have been brought in on cases at the early stages we have had great success in ending cases early. To do this, however, we must get involved in a case at the very early stages so that we may present favorable evidence to those making the filing decision.

IN CRIMINAL CASES HAVE PROFESSIONALS EVALUATE YOUR CASE. In order to prosecute a case against you, the government must follow the rules established by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Florida, the Legislature and the Courts. Often the police and prosecutors fail to follow proper procedure, this is why its important to have an attorney evaluate the case against you. If the experienced attorneys of Kaba Law Group, P.L.L.C. find the Police or Prosecutors in your case have not acted properly, we are able to address those issues with the Court and often have evidence thrown out and/or ultimately have the case against you thrown out.

GET ADVICE FROM ATTORNEYS WITH LOCAL KNOWLEDGE. Our firm has the local knowledge to effectively evaluate the case against you, determine the likely outcome of a trial, and advise you as to the likely consequences in the event of an adverse verdict or adjudication of guilt in criminal cases. Judges are people too and knowing the policy of a particular courtroom or personality of a particular judge can be essential information when making the decision to take a plea offer or to take your case to trial. Because of our experience defending legal cases in South Florida, the attorneys of Kaba Law Group, P.L.L.C., have the local knowledge that can only be obtained from years of practice.


- To provide 30 minute free initial consultation in almost every case.
- To provide our clients with a full array of options and the most cost effective alternative.
- To promptly return all phone calls, normally within one business day.
- To explain all the steps of a legal matter to the client in easy to understand language.
- To thoroughly analyze your legal problem and provide you with a detailed and comprehensive legal advice as to all available options. 
- To keep the client informed of the status of their matter throughout the process. 
- To provide honest and detailed billing statements in billable matters. 
- To complete your matter with promptness and professionalism.


Our firm adheres to the highest standards of legal excellence and service. We are widely respected for the depth of our industry knowledge and for being responsive, efficient, and easy to work with. In all of our practice areas, we use the insight and experience we have gathered in our combined 50+ years to efficiently articulate our clients’ options and the risks involved in any litigation, venture, transaction or claim.

The firm's diversity and state-of-the-art information systems enable us to offer a comprehensive, integrated range of legal services to individuals and organizations of all sizes in local, state, national, and international matters.

Our clients include emerging and middle-market businesses, national and multinational corporations, international corporations, not-for-profit institutions, healthcare institutions, condominium / homeowners associations, professionals and individuals 

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