Did you know that foreclosures happen to people in Florida in all walks of life? Its not a sign of failure, its just that sometimes good people get into financial trouble due to no fault of their own.

Foreclosure feels like a failure to most property owners who face the pending loss of property because of inability to make good on mortgage payments. However, an experienced law office such as Kaba Law Group, P.L.L.C., can help businesses and individuals minimize the repercussions and prepare for a fresh start after an unavoidable foreclosure of a home or office building.

Our law office is a full-service Real Estate firm, experienced and knowledgeable in all legal aspects of foreclosure in Florida, including the following:

Comprehensive representation in foreclosure proceedings

Negotiations - pre-foreclosure or through the foreclosure process:

Negotiation of payment terms

Exploration of finance options

Location of alternative or additional financing sources with owners' own or other financial institutions

If you are a residential or commercial property owner in Miami or anywhere in South Florida in need of advocacy related to foreclosure, we welcome your call.

Foreclosure is an unfortunate fact of life. Once a foreclosure has begun the only concern you should have is making sure that your interests are adequately represented throughout the entire process.

Stop Foreclosure!!

Are you looking at the possibility of losing your home, do you want honest answers and sincere assistance to stop foreclosure? Losing a home to foreclosure can be one of the most traumatic experiences that a human being can ever go through. Far too often, many homeowners go into a state of denial and ultimately succumb to a sheriff’s notice to evacuate the property.

Do you want a foreclosure defense attorney to assert your rights? Do you want your Lender to be required to comply with complicated statutory procedures as well as procedural rules and requirements, that may greatly increase your likelihood of a successful result?

Call Kaba Law Group, P.L.L.C., we will take the time to explain how you may develop a plan to protect your family.

There are several actions that you may take in order to avoid losing your home. The first thing that you must do is accept what has already taken place and decide that you are going to fight back. By contacting Kaba Law Group, P.L.L.C., you will be able to explore the best possible strategy, without having to suffer through any additional financial hardships. Under some circumstances you may even have possible legal recourse against the lender. Many of today’s foreclosures can be directly associated with:

Predatory Lending

RESPA Violations

Mortgage Fraud

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Begin the process to stop foreclosure today. Many families have been helped before in the past, and you should be confident that we can assist you in achieving desired results.  You must take action now. Do not allow the problems to continue compounding. Give yourself a chance to relieve all of the stress and pressure, get all of your bills under control and eliminate bill collectors from calling you.

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