At Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C. you can get the help you need to either to protect yourself from creditors or get back money that you’ve loaned. Either way, we analyze your case to accurately achieve the best possible outcome; your case is addressed depending on the situation. It is important to hire a trustworthy attorney that can provide you accessibility, persistence, and the attention your case requires. That’s why in us you can find a quick, smooth and aggressive law firm. Assets may not be available tomorrow, so we act today leaving no room for mistakes, because only one can lead to failure. We represent individuals and businesses, making the best plan to get fairly what you deserve. Our ultimate outcome is that neither side should bother the other again.   You need a lawyer if:
  • You get frequent calls from creditors.
  • You cannot pay loans.
  • You have received threats of lawsuit from creditors.
  • Collectors have not given you the proper treat.
  Trust in us, for we know the possibilities for you to collect.      

Moises Kaba serves the needs of our clients in both North and South Miami. Contact us today at (305) 245 – 9990 to schedule a free consultation.