Practice Areas

Empower yourself in the face of fear. Protect your belongings from potential law suits or even bankruptcy. Why risk it when you can play it safe from the beginning? Count on us for the best strategy to protect your assets.
We know debt is overwhelming, so put in our hands your bankruptcy issues. We can help you to relief from all that pressure and guide you to a fresh start. They would not harass you any more working with Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C.
Assisted living is a reality for many citizens. Nursing home abuse in Florida and across the nation is growing, count on us to help fight this.
While facing foreclosure, there are numerous options and alternatives you should have in mind and are available to you. Our foreclosure defense practice provides a helping hand to those who need it most.
An injured worker may not “sue” an Employer for damages, but may file a claim for benefits and appear in front of a special, Judge of Compensation Claims. Benefits include medical care and indemnity (lost wages).
When you buy a product you expect it to function correctly, but sometimes it can either malfunction or have unnoted hazards, resulting in injury or even death to the person using it, trust in us to defend your case.
We know how this is an urgent matter, for that we offer a unique service providing outstanding knowledge to get the best outcome in either litigation or negotiation. Trust that we can help you.
Anywhere you can suffer an accident; sometimes it is the owner of the property’s fault. Trust in us to get a representation in either personal injury or premise liability.
A loved one or you can slip & fall anywhere, in some cases this leads to an injury. That’s why you need a proper lawyer that will treat your case with the importance it deserves. Our goal is to work towards your best interests.
An auto accident is a serious situation where you need the support of a knowledgeable and focused attorney that will guide you through every step giving you the best advice for your rights to be respected.
Professional malpractice cases are brought up against someone when they do or fail to do something and it results in harm to the client. Our Lawyer handles all types of cases involving negligence or carelessness.
We are committed to protect you and your business with our extensive knowledge and experience. Whether you need to settle an agreement or create a contract our law firm is able to assist you in every possible way.
Violating the laws when driving can be a high offense, when an officer claims you have violated something they will give you a citation; allow us to help you negotiate your outcome.
When facing charges regarding DUI, trust an aggressive attorney who will fight for what you deserve. We commit to assist you legally in every possible way. Contact us now and we can guide you through this conflict.
Don’t risk your future! We are an aggressive law firm with 31 years of experience committed to analyze your case and act as necessary. Reach out to us and you can bet that stakes will be at your favor.
Your health is your choice. Allow us to assist you in any legal matters involving health care. We are committed to provide great representation with the utmost professionalism.
When you’re sick or in pain, you have enough to worry about, your time and energy should be devoted to the medical care you need. Our social security income benefit lawyer can assist you at any stage of the claim.
Plan ahead and be calm. At Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C. you can trust our estate-planning attorney for effective and assertive legal advice. Our main goal is to commit to your case and achieve the best plan for you.
Elder law is your solution for any issues regarding aging people, whether you are looking for financial freedom or autonomy, we can help you with proper planning and long-term care options.
We can assist policy-holders who are struggling with a serious insurance dispute to find justice. Handling all steps of the case and using our skills as negotiators, we can get you the justice you are entitled to.
If you are nervous to get sued by a creditor contact us, for we provide the proper legal advice and knowledge to help you get treated fairly. Trust in us and our ability to get the best solution.
Trust in us to solve your legal issues with experience in litigation, real estate, and asset protection/estate planning. Each client receives personal attention from us to answer any question and explain every step of the process.
Our Team understands that you need creative solutions that protect and advance your dreams without sacrificing unnecessary time and resources. We engage with you to make sure we meet your requirements.
We understand that facing a divorce, custody battle or other family law matter can be stressful and emotional; sometimes it might involve decisions about real estate and other assets.
At Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C. we are dedicated to fight for your rights. We understand that your immigration case impacts every aspect of your life and your future; this is why we will guide you through every step of the process.