Condominium HOA Law

  Condominium and HOA board members have fiduciary duties, important rights and responsibilities. Because of this, many legal issues may arise, that’s why you need an attorney with experience in litigation, real estate, and asset protection/estate planning. You deserve quality advice form a 24/7 law firm that also speaks Spanish. We are a team that continues to grow with in-depth knowledge of all areas of this law including real estate law, insurance law, and corporate law.   We compromise to solve your issues skillfully and to answer all your questions, including those regarding operational, technical, regulatory, and practical issues. Get our legal opinion, we can review your loan documents and help you form commercial lines of credit and/or arranging sources of financing for community and/or capital improvements. Each of our clients receives personal attention and we work as a team with them trying to guarantee that your rights are respected and your voice heard. Our legal representation strives to stand up for you in a comprehensive and efficient matter.      

Moises Kaba serves the needs of our clients in both North and South Miami. Contact us today at (305) 245 – 9990 to schedule a free consultation.