Corporate Law

  We offer our services as corporate law attorneys to protect you. Whether you have a small business or a big corporation we can provide the best legal counsel; from employment agreements, exit strategies, or even drafting contracts and leases it is important to have a good lawyer. We are able to work with you in an ever-changing world with the goal to achieve your business’ objective. You can count on Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C. to guide you step by step throughout the process of your case.   Some of the things we cover are:
  • Corporate transactions (debt, loans, sales of businesses, etc.).
  • General corporate matters (commercial contracts, formation of entities).
  • Securities law matters (debt financings).
  Some elements you should take into account when getting a corporate attorney for a small business are:
  • Sole proprietorship It is usually a business made up of one person offering a service, usually requires an attorney to explain the benefits and protect you from a law suit.
  • Partnership Made up with more than one partner but there is no separation of liability. It can have either general or limited partners; with the later not having to take care of the everyday issues and following their limits through an agreement.
  • Corporation In a corporation if one of the owners die it is possible to transfer everything to the other owner. It can be a C-Corp, paying taxes on the money paid out to shareholders, or an S-Corp, allowing profits of the company to pass though the owners.
  • Limited liability corporation (L.L.C.) The profits and numbers go through the members of the corporation and it does not require a double taxation.

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