Insurance Law

  Dealing with insurance, whether you are the company or the insured, tends to be stressful and tiring. But at Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C. we provide our extensive knowledge to deal with everything smoothly at an affordable cost.   We take care of different matters involving insurance coverage like:
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Fires
  • Theft
If your case is not listed above we may still be able to assist you.   We strive to maximize financial recovery after the misfortune. We take care of cases either with a 1st party insurance claim or a 3rd party insurance claim. The procedure for making a claim is different according to each company policy, which is why we analyze your case thoroughly to design the best strategy to achieve your goals.   Insurance law can be divided into 3 categories, which are:
  • Business of insurance

It refers to the requirements for companies that want to be in the insurance industry.

  • Content of policies

Defends the clients against insurers offering worthless policies

  • Handling of claims

This division focuses on how the company should respond to the claim and the consequences of a fraudulent one.


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