Premise Liability

  Premise liability refers to when a landowner or person owns a property and could be responsible for injures of a person that happened while on their premises.   For example:
  • Swimming pool accidents.
  • Slip & fall.
  • Negligent security.
  • Negligent ice/snow removal.
  • Negligence building maintenance.
  • Defective staircases.
  • Hidden extension cords.
  In order to have a case held against someone for premise liability, it is a must to be able to prove that the property owner did know about the unsafe condition and failed to correct it. It is a crucial fact to get better chance at winning the case.   The visitors able to file a claim or lawsuit for a premise liability case are:
  • Invitees

They enter for business purposes usually being customers. The place should be kept safe and any damages should be notified.

  • Licensees

Considered guests invited to the premises under social circumstances (friends, family members, neighbors). They should be warned of any risks.

  • Trespassers

Although the person is intruding into someone else’s property without any consent, the landowner owes a limited responsibility to prevent an intentional injury.

  • Special duty owed to children

In case of having anything that attracts children and endangers their life, there should be special care to protect them. Some examples are swimming pools or trampolines.

  Certain cases for premise liability can be addressed as a personal injury as well. At Kaba Law Group P.L.L.C. we have 31+ years of experience in both cases. Contact us now to get the best advice regarding your case.      

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